August 29, 2012

Ubdate about everything

I have sooo much to tell you, that I at all don't know from what to begin. It is a lot, and a lot of news and events occur here. Everything rages and boils. We are VERY much and very occupied the last some weeks. We work until late at night, sometimes at all without having time to have a rest enough or to eat :) But we know that it is only for a short time. And we hope that shortly everything won't be so much intense. 

Unfortunately I have no enough time to write the blog posts. Though I would wish to do it daily what the Lord is doing through BOM. I very excited to share about Lord`s work! So, I will write here about everything at once, about our pleasures, joyful moments and blessings and about some experiences and troubles.

Several weeks ago we could visit orphans with special needs and share with them their joy and blessing. BOM could bring to children different games. You would see how they were glad to see us! They ran on a meeting with tears of joy. Oh, my goodness!That day there was so much pleasure and delight! Girls were very glad and happy with games!

 Thanks to your donations, we could buy trousers to all precious boys in a mental institution.As they aren't able to use a zipper on trousers and break it often. Therefore the best for them it is trousers without zippers. And soon as there is it possible for us, we can deliver this blessing to these poor children.

 We bought 20 pairs of shoes for autumn/spring to one of the orphanages, biggest of the sizes for teenagers. There is constantly need with footwear, as well as in all orphanages.

 Also BOM helped to get new gate in one of orphanages. Gate were in an accident condition and could damage to children. The photo will be a little later.

God blessed us with package to the orphans.There are so many different items!Everything is so beautiful!Just wonderful blessing from dear sister in Christ, Aidan.

 Gifts to dear our Valya and to the BOM as well some from Aidan also. :)
 Isn`t she happy? She was amazed and thrilled by many great blessings!
 Such cute clothes to orphans and to babies of Olga and Valya from dear our friend, Susan. Our young mothers will be very happy!We are sure! :)
 Such beautiful and modern warm slippers to girls from same friend!We already know in what orphanage to deliver it. I can only imagine delight of girls. :)
 The next great blessing from sister Edda!

 So beautiful pillow cases
 So wonderful and such beautiful quilts made by her!
We received sooooo many different things to orphans!Oh, my goodness!Everything is so and so beautiful and amazing!Many thanks to all! By the way, we expect one more package what is on the way already :)

Can you believe we have air conditioner in our van? We prayed but we not realized to the end, it can soooo real and our dream came true some day!Wow!Amazing blessing!We are so excited!!!Thanks a lot to family Kissell!

Isn`t he precious?He didn't want to release my finger. So lovely.
They both, already have no temperature and they are much better. Thanks a lot to all for prayers!
Only sweet Timothy is jaundiced and lost some weight.But they are not worst!
I love so dearly this little angel as my own son. ;)

Many of you concern, what is with Valya`s house? How everything is going on?Where she will live?
We still work in her house...

....but we stopped for some time.
When Valya was in a orphanage, parents didn't pay for electricity a some time, as a result there was debts which she shall pay. Also there someone stole the electricity counter. 
Electricity company forgave, debts of Valya and promised that will set the counter free of charge. Great!
But recently Valya received the letter a failure, she should pay a debts for electricity, a penalty and for counter installation.

 The electricity service should and can help lonely mothers, orphans and poor. At least somehow partially to solve this question.  But sometimes here it is not real...

Valya was very upset.We also and felt so frustrated. We prayed for solutions of this question.God answered and sent enough to pay for everything! Praise the Lord!
But the trouble is again.The electricity service said, that they will set  electricity counter and cable only after the 20 of September because of paper work.It seems strange for me...Paper work make more than month?

I had to establish more than once electric the counter in different houses. To make documents and all the rest took about a week! I can only tell that all people in our  place, are very dissatisfied with this company and there always problems... In any case we ask you to pray diligent that we could set there an electricity. Otherwise all stopped and we can make nothing. We plan to make there electric heating, an electric stove, the washing machine, one word all electric.Please pray that God shifted these mountains!Thanks a lot!

So, where Valya will live with her darling Timothy?As Valya`s house is not ready yet and there a huge work.She will stay with Olga in their apartment till her house will be ready.
We worked intensively, that they could live there, as it is possible somewhat quicker. Olya can't wait any more when she can dwell there. Also can't believe that there will be a hot water. ;)
 Some furniture we put the used. Though it was necessary to suffer to collect everything, to spend a lot of time and patience. Some furniture we bought the new. Because the used furniture is very expensively in stores for used furniture and almost same price as well as new.We do not have weekend sales in people`s yards or garages.We have only stores for new or used furniture.Or you have to buy newspaper and find there(where no picture) or on the internet, where is picture not always.You have to go to the owner and check it out and look or is it good for you.Yes.Sometimes you can spend several days or weeks while you look for something good for you.

New future kitchen,
  which needs to be collected according to the instruction. :)
  In Ukraine you won't buy ready and already collected wardrobe or kitchen. You go to shop, you look, you choose what it to be pleasant to you. You order, you wait from three days to two weeks while to you will bring. Then you gather everything and you establish. If there is no time what to collect, you can pay to people who will collect to you furniture (one closet or a sofa) for 150 hryvnias($18.75) and above. Depending on work.
But our boys learned to collect furniture and how to use different tools etc.

I think kitchen looks much better.What do you think? :) But there not all, it is only part.More will come.

 I think, it looks better, than before.More pictures will come.

God answered your prayers, dear Friends! Olga has registration what is so important!Praise the Lord!Also she feels much better!Thank you so much for your prayers!

Ok.In 2 hours I need to get up because TODAY Olga and Sasha will come to the apartment to live there!Yay! I did not rest yet...Pictures will come also! :) We are soooooo excited!

Thank you!!!Thank you everyone, for your great support, love and care!!!Thank you to saving lives from the street! It`s amazing what God is doing!Thank you for everything you do!

August 27, 2012

Joy in the heaven!

Bible says:"I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance". (Luke15:7)KJV

We so rejoice and sooooo happy that one more sinner repented, that one more sheep is found!We praise God, that one more orphan wishes to follow Jesus and to live for Him!
Yesterday Vova stood up in the end of church service and said he wants to be saved and receive Jesus Christ.He prayed.He became a Christian and he is not lost any more!What a joy, joy, joy and great blessing!!!! Halleluiah!!!

Vova was in one of orphanages that we visit regularly. He remembers all our trips, he especially liked puppet show. :) Also to him was especially remembered the last meeting with graduates a few years ago, where he heard about real stories how it is hard to live after a orphanage and Who can help them and change their life.

Vova's parents drank alcohol. Once, they wanted to drink again and without having money, they started to ask from Vova's grandmother. On what she refused to them. As a result in the face of small Vova his parents killed the grandmother. They got to prison and small boy in an orphanage … Since then, Vova never more saw the parents, he doesn't know where they, and also whether live they in general. Vova remembers everything that was and how there was this murder... While he was in a orphanage, and parents in prison, his house absolutely collapsed and today he has no place to live …

 Can you imagine fear, the tears, all horror and a stress of the little boy, drunk parents, quarrels, fights, blood, scare, murder of the grandmother, an orphanage, loneliness, the graduate of  orphanage, and now the street... It is simply awful WHAT he experienced and still to have to suffer, struggle and worry...It breaks our hearts.

Vova is very kind and diligent guy in performance. He is very hardworking and he with pleasure always does everything and asks, than he can be useful. He is modest and timid. Always with pleasure listens to the God's Word and likes to sing Christian psalms. But Vova has problems with health, problems with a back, an ulcer of a duodenal gut and a problem with feet. I don't know, what exactly because money for his inspection is necessary. Also he is a person with special needs... Because of the health he suffers and can't find work or often changes. On some works to him didn't pay the earned money. Therefore Vova is often hungry, is ill, can't buy necessary things, clothes. If he also works, works hungry till fatigue. 

Once, late at night, it was necessary to us, to go to other city, that to take away Vova home because he had no money to return back. He felt awkwardly, as he saw that we were very tired and sleepy(3.00am) But we explained to him, that the Christ made for him on much more, He suffered for him and gave His life on the cross that he would have eternal life. Therefore our fatigue, that it is nothing costs in comparison of what the Christ made for him. Having fed him, we explained, we love him and we can not leave at the night alone on the street.He left that work.

Vova survives. BOM helps him as can, with food, with footwear, clothes, but frequent we are unable.

 It would be such remarkable blessing, if someone or a family sponsored Vova monthly. That to help him with his daily needs, such as food, clothes, footwear, medications. Please, consider prayerfully this question. Probably, someone would wish to become a monthly sponsor and to help Vova?..How much you can...For any questions, please e-mail to Thanks.

The greatest problem for this nice guy is that today he IS ON THE SREET, he is the HOMELESS and he HAS NOT place to go... I will tell you more in the next blog posts. I have a LOT of things to tell you. 

Please, pray for Vova, for his spiritual growth, for his needs and for solutions of a question with housing. The help of Lord is necessary to us, all very much and very difficult...Oh, Lord Jesus, please, help us...

August 22, 2012

Look, who arrived to this world!

Look at this happy sweet face of beautiful mommy!

 Look at this lovely little angel, who arrived to this world the 22 of August at 5.10 am!Tears, tears of joy for these two our dear souls.Isn`t he precious?
 Dear beloved our Friends, we are sooooo grateful for ALL your prayers for our dear Valya!Oh, how I wish to give you personal thanks, if I could...We are so thankful to you have been with her at this heavy and in same time happy day.

  Can you believe that I was in a delivery room together with Valya from the beginning to the end birth of her baby and the half day after birth? If someone told to me sometime or even several months ago that I will be present and help someone with childbirth. I NEVER, ever would believe in lives!!!Oh, NO, NO!It is NOT for me!

I am a person, which only at the sight of special lamps in an surgery room and different surgical tools, at the sight of blood,  I become feel not well. I do not like much all kinds of medical things.Having especially had heard much and knowing many terrible stories at the time of delivery etc. But that day, the Lord gave me the perfect peace in heart, I believe thanks your prayers, sweet Friends! :)

Valya for day and night very much suffered and anguished with prenatal labor.We prayed together in delivery room, and I had read Bible to her that Jesus would comforted her heart.Ah, poor girl!

Finally today in the morning at 5.10 the precious Timothy  was born.Praise the Lord!

Is mommy and her sweet sonny are healthy and well?Not so well...

When Timothy was born, he was dark blue color, it frightened me and I asked what with the kid. Doctors only exchanged glances among themselves... Though process of childbirth was fast, in 10 minutes, but not so good... Poor Valya so suffered. :(
Darling Timothy is 48 sm tall and  weight is 2.940 kilo.Our dear girl had premature birth...because of some infection.But Timothy is sweet, quiet, cute, precious, darling  and so loved!His mommy so loves him!Valya still can not believe that she is mother of her priceless kid. She is amazed by him!!! :)
Here he is after 20 minutes of his birth.
 After the delivery Valya had some difficulties, we prayed and begged Jesus that He would be mercy to our dear girl. Now she has a fever. I am not a physician, I do not know all subtleties. I do not know all consequences of the childbirth, what difficulties happen etc. The diagnosis of the kid still isn't known yet. But I will tell to you our dear Friends that the Lord gives me the perfect peace in my heart for our Valyusha(Valya) and her sonny. And I thank the Lord for it.I believe everything will be well.If the Lord let him to be born today not later, that is God`s plan. :)

Here our sweet boy after several hours his birth and he looked much better.When I looked at him(while Valya was resting) I thought and was amazed how GREAT our Lord Jesus.That He created and gave life to this sweet boy.It is so hard to understand how he was created.It is marvellous and awesome!Timothy is a miracle!
 "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. 
Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them".(Psalm 139:14-16)KJV

I glorify the Lord for huge blessing which He showed to Valya. I was struck with kindness and care of all  doctors and nurse at the time of delivery. I am sure that the Lord made so that Valya would give birth, when there were these doctors. Because it is a big rarity today, to meet all doctors kind and caring. After the delivery, having learned that she is an orphan, she is alone and all her problems, it broke their hearts even more.
I came back home only for the second day. Though I didn't eat day and night and didn't sleep all night,(there was not place to rest somewhere.I had only my chair), helping Valya, I was tired not much. I believe and I know, that exactly the Lord gave to me physical strength and peace that I could be with our young mother and help her.

Thank you so much sweet Friends for all your prayers! I believe, we had all these blessings, thank your many prayers and mercy of the Lord Jesus to our dear Valya.Please, keep pray she will recover fast and for the health her darling sonny.I will keep update about them.

August 20, 2012

Valya is in hospital!

Dear our Friends, our sweet Valya is in hospital now, the ambulance took her.She is going to give a birth her precious baby boy.We very nervous and worry about Valya.PLEASE, please, pray everything will go well and and smoothly!!!Thanks a LOT!

August 14, 2012

They are NOT homeless any more!!!

Guess, what is the building and who will live in it? :)))
  I`m so glad to tell to you that we found the apartment for Sasha and Olya and they are any more the homeless! They will have a roof over the head, where they together as a family can live and create their sweet nest. They are saved from street life!!!What a great blessing! We are soooooo glad for them! Praise God!We are so excited that by your kindness and open hearts the three souls will be saved from street life! Thanks a LOT to ALL for involvement for your prayers and donations, sharing the links and other. We raised $920, certainly it is necessary even much more. But we could rent the apartment, to pay per two months (this rule) and to pay to agency. The owner of the apartment, is nice woman, that was important for us also.
So, please, continue to pray we can raise necessary funds what need to our precious souls, Sasha, Olya and darling Edick.

Ok. Let`s  I will conduct a small tour to you around the apartment.Hope you will enjoy :)

 When you enter into a building you can see these steps, on  which can lift on the floor necessary to you. There are nine.
 ...or you can use this lift, thank God, is operating. ;)  Sasha`s apartment is on five floor.
 It is an entrance to the apartment.
 It is a small corridor of the apartment.At the left on a picture is white door, it is the small storeroom.
 The storeroom inside.
On following picture is the happy owner of the apartment. :)
The entrance more to the left leads to the hall or the main room, the entrance is slightly more right, on kitchen. And is even more right, where white door, it is a bathroom.
The view of living room is on the other hand.
From the living room it is possible to quit on a balcony
 ...where there is such view from the left side
...and from the right side. It is great that nearby there is a market, where they can buy groceries and they shouldn't go far.This is gray not big building on the right with a yellow band.
 It is kitchen
 View from other side
The bathroom
Also there is a  playground for sweet Edik.
 View of  market(shop) from the main side.

 If you noticed, the apartment is without furniture. Sometimes it meets. We were going to orphanages these days, but our plans changed, because our dear souls, Olya and Sasha needs to be settled urgently there. Therefore we will need to find necessary furniture in the next few days.Please, pray for this too.These kids absolutely have NOTHING, so we need to buy a LOT of different things there.I will share with you of pictures with furniture also.Can not wait to do it!
 Thank you!Thank you!Thank you everyone for saving these dear teens!!!!!!!Thank you sweet Friends to giving them a chance to have a hope, future, trust, faith in Jesus.We are so grateful for love and mercy of Jesus Christ to these kids.God is so good!!!

P.S.I`m so and so and soooo sorry whom I did not reply yet on your emails.We are super busy here.And sometimes I absolutely have not time even to sleep well and enough...I read all emails and will answer as soon I can. Please, forgive me...Many thanks for understanding and patience!

Love and hugs to all!


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