March 20, 2011

Information about Dasha`s family

To all our followers, readers, friends and guests!Thank you so much for your efforts to help Dasha!When we told her that people start to help how they can.Dasha was surprised! She asked: Really?
She is very happy to hear that some people who never saw her and does not know personal wants to help her to find siblings. Please, keep doing what you do! Post a link in your blogs, facebook or any social media. Dasha is thankful to each one for your efforts to help!

As Dasha says she was a small girl when her siblings were adopted.It was in 1995-96 year. They all were in Zhitomir orphanage number 4.
About one or two years later Dasha was transfered to orphanage in Grishkovci( Berdichev). Where Yana her sister met her in 2006 when she came to Ukraine.We said it a little bit before.

Here we will post a pictures of Dasha`s family.Maybe it will help someone to help Dasha find her siblings.

 Dasha Avvakumova, she is 20 years old.Who wants to find her family.On this picture she is 17 years old.
                                                     Same Dasha

                                               Parents when they got marriage.
        Mother Avvakumova Galya(Galina) Viktorovna.She died when they all where a small. 

                  Grandmother Nikitina Yanina Pavlovna.She is 79 years old.
Kristina is sister.She is still in orphanage which we visit.

Yana, sister who was adopted in 1995-96.She met Dasha in 2006 in Ukraine

Same Yana.She has to be 22-23 years old.

Same Yana.When she was a small girl.

Maybe it will help someone...Thank you very much to everyone! May the Lord richly bless you!

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  1. Omg Dasha is my sister I'm her oldest sister Sasha that was adopted too....PLEASE SOMEONE CONTACT ME ABOUT HE!!!

  2. Omg Dasha is my sister...I'm her oldest sister Sasha who was adopted with Yana and Vitalik!!! I've been trying to find Dasha PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Oh, my!Dear Sasha, we are just happy contact you!Please, let us know how we can contact you.Can you give us your email here? or you can contact us
      Thank you!

      This is AMAZING you have found Dasha!She will be VERY happy! :) Alla


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