Needs of Orphans

We really need help and would be grateful for your support!
Every orphanage is struggling and each one has different needs and we don't have the funds to help them.But we can do a lot with your help!
Most critical needs at orphanages for today:

Clothes for Orphans
Orphans have very worn out clothes often. It is a real need and joy for these children to get new clothes! Children often need tee-shirts, briefs, trousers, summer hats, socks for boys, skirt or dress, summer-hat, 
tights for girls. Undergarments for all kids. For winter time: winter sweaters, winter warm mittens, winter hats and scarf. The biggest needs in winter are warm jackets or coats. If children do not have a good clothes in winter time, they often are sick.


Food for Orphans
Many orphans are malnourished, a critical food shortage. Poor diet and health problems are a common for orphans.
With your help we can bring to orphanages flour, grits (spaghetti, buckwheat, rice, pease, etc) butter, fruits: oranges, bananas, cherries, strawberries, etc.(depends from the season).

Shoes, sandals or winter boots are one of the Big Needs for Orphans. Their shoes and boots warn out, often have holes, or are too small and hurt their feet. It is BIG blessing and joy to get new shoes to kids!


The blankets are worn out and children feel cold. It needed for orphans in cold climates, who sometimes have to sleep under one thin blanket.

It is big need in orphanages today. The mattresses are battered and torn, because they are old much. Children can not sleep good and peacefully on these mattresses and have healthy dream. Each morning they wake up with hurt of their body.

 House slippers
As children often do not have sandals or shoes to wear it outside. They wear house slippers what they have to wear in their bedrooms. Children wear out slippers very fast. Very often they need to buy new it. Especially it is big need in special orphanages where are children with different special needs. 

Towels and Bed complete sets.
Children need also, because they do not have well them and it worn out often.

Birthday or Christmas Gifts, & Celebration
Do you know that most orphans don't receive any Birthday presents or the care they need. Do you know that orphans do not celebrate their birthdays? Please help us provide a special birthday celebration with gifts for an orphan without a family. You can send a Birthday gift. It can be any toy, doll, car for boy, game, color-book with pencils, whatever.

Bicycles, skateboards, dolls, children’s cars, big balls, different games for inside of buildings and outside, etc. Children do not have often toys.


We want to get God's word to as many orphans as possible, bring them to know their heavenly Father and His Son who came that they might have life. Our wish is presented Bibles to teens and children`s Bibles with good and nice pictures to small kids, what help them remember and understand better Bibles stories. 

School supplies
Each orphanage where children educating has a big need in school supplies. It is   exercise book, pens, color pencils, sharpeners, fiber-tip pens, albums, colouring, educational books, etc. Each director of orphanage ask us to help with these needs. This is big joy and blessing to get these supplies to orphans!
Medical care
Children have different diseases and not very good teeth.They need often medical care, vitamins supplements.

Household chemical goods and cosmetics
soap, soap powder, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorant for older kids. Do you know orphans do not have their own shampoo, deodorant and other things? Can you imagine what a joy is to them to get and have own these things?

It is big need in mental institutions and children’s homes today! The quantity is unlimited, diapers for children in weight from 12 to 25 kilo, and also are critically necessary the adult sizes. Orphanages do not have finanses enough to cover these needs. 

Orphanage Transformation
Orphanages have very old buildings.Often windows and doors, roofs and etc, are very old and with holes. Also it often have old and broken furniture what is not good to children and can bring a damage. Buildings necessary transformation and repair, need a new furniture.
Buy new washer-extractor, because old washers are broken often and workers have troubles with it. It is heavy to wash clothes for 80-180 kids.Children do not have place where to play.Our wish is to make new playgrounds or repair old.There are a lot of work!

Leave an orphanage grounds
Do you know that most orphans do not leave orphanage grounds? They have never been in zoo, parks, McDonalds, beautiful places in Ukraine! Our wish is to take kids to these nice places or even beautiful cities of Ukraine, make excursion to any museum and etc. and bring a joy to them! Please, help orphans exciting of these things!

Needs for development of children:
Children very much like to draw, collect puzzles, to do a crafts, to mold. Accordingly stationery the goods and the goods for needlework are necessary always:
Glue, we need often, color pencils, felt-tip pens, color paper and a cardboard, albums for drawing, coloring-books, puzzles large and small, difference designers, etc.threads for knitting by spokes.

Other games and books with pictures what will help to develop to children.

Please,can you help us to help orphans? We will be grateful to you very much! Thank you and may the Lord bless you!


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