May 16, 2011

Good or bad news?

This day was beautiful, sun shined, warm much, birds chirled. The day was very nice!We are glad of warm weather!And we had a beautiful day with orphans!

Good or bad news? It was a topic of our Bible lesson with orphans last Friday.We told them a Bible story about 12 spies whom Moses sent to check out the land of Canaan and give a report of what they found.      Numbers 13; 14:1-39

We had full class again, even more kids than last time!Praise the Lord!Some kids were sitting on floor.
            In the beginning of our meeting we prayed and learned a new song.
Then we tried to remember last Bible story and had object lesson.

 We showed to children this glass of water. We asked them: Is it half empty? Or is it half full? It suppose their answer depended on their point of view.
Our opinions tend to be either negative or positive depending on how we see our circumstances.If you tend to think the worst of a situation, you might be negative and say half the water is used up. If you tend to be positive and think the best of a situation, you might say the glass is half full and could hold more.God has given us a mission to spread the good news in every land.

During the Bible story we used flannel pictures and balloons.We selected 2 boys who were "spies" and brought grape to Hebrews.
We love to surprise children  by some things, something unusual! Kids were surprised when they saw so big "cluster of grape" brought by our spies!

Joshua and Caleb put their faith and trust in God and His strength and power, while the 10 other spies worried about the superior size and strength of the enemy and the comparative weakness of the people of Israel.All twelve spies saw the same things, but Joshua and Caleb were mindful of God's presence with them. They were confident that God would lead them to victory over their enemies.

We have played in game " Tear off a grape".
Each balloon was numbered. The children had to tear off a grape (balloon) which they wanted  from the cluster and answer the question  under number they decided.Questions were about Bible story about 12 spies.
 Nadya  conducted this game.And as all time many hands of kids who want to play a game!
Children did great job! They answered on questions very well!We were glad!

Also Oksana conducted a game, where children had to find words from the Bible story.All words were written on blackboard.Most of kids did it real good!Some not, because they read not very well or some of them can not read  generally. 

We would like to mention here orphans are with mental retarding in this orphanage. When you watch on them you will not notice it but when you ask to read or play a game with numbers, you can notice it.Also some kids speak not good here, some can not speak generally.But they understand you very well!
We try to take into consideration their needs when we play games.We need a great wisdom all time when we prepare a lesson to  kids with special needs.Please, remember us in your prayers in this request.Thank you!

In the end of lesson we made a craft, Spies with grape.Children colored them, used short wooden skewer.They love to color and make something their hands! We placed a paper ring behind spies that it can stand on any places.
                                                    Kiddos enjoyed this craft!

                                      Here is a short video of kids making craft.
Well.Most of workers in all orphanages of Ukraine are women.Same is here.That is a problem that boys do not see often men, who could to teach them. When Misha our director comes to orphanage, they are glad!Boys love him!Love to play and just make fun!
                        This orphanage is close to river, rocks and forest.It is nice view!

Kids bid farewell with us.The half of orphanage came to say bye for us!We could to communicate with kids and teachers a little bit.They all are so sweet!

                                       Here they ran behind the van.          

Kids tell us good bye!On ukrainian "poka".They climbed up  fence of orphanage.They can not come out behind confines of this fence.They spend all their days on territory of orphanage.
Tell you it is hard to live in place what you can not leave and go out to anywhere you want.Every day everything same, nothing change. Kids feel bored here often.It is almost like jail.They often want to home, even there is worse condition, no food, parents are alcoholic, etc.
 That is why they happy to see any person who come to them.We are happy come to them and tell about God!We happy and sad came back to home, have left kids behind us... :(


  1. We *LOVE* hearing about associating games with Bible lessons for kids! Creating an activity that brings the Word alive creates a more memorable experience that will stick with the children. Thank you!

  2. I love all the games and the lessons you taught to the kids! What a blessing you all are to them. The video was great too... it is always good to see the kids in action. Thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing!

    May God continue to bless you all. C Bogom!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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