October 14, 2016

The worst day of my life...

Today was the worst day of my life... We visited an one young family. Also we visited the boys with special needs bringing them diapers and baby formula. And to see the work of our caretakers.We are so thankful for their hard work they doing!

 We were told a while ago that 2 new babies arrived recently. We wanted to see those precious souls.

When we entered, we were shocked to see a skinny and pale kid... 

  He screamed, gasping, convulsions twisted his precious body ... It was a horrible sight... But we were even more schocked when learned that a few days ago, he was discharged from the hospital because doctors could not do anything... The kid has very high temperature. A few days he lay in intensive care. They put him dropper, did everything, but nothing helped...  The doctor discharged from the hospital, saying that he was born in this condition, his brain is dying and we can not do anything ... Nanny said that sweet A. looked better before get to the hospital... ;( I could not hold back tears. It flowed in streams. It is very difficult to pass along, and to describe what we saw and feel... We started to ask the nurse to do anything. Because the baby was shivering on the temperature. We asked to call an orphanage doctor and ask what medicines the boy A. need. The doctor was not present because today is holiday. We went running in the few pharmacies looking for essential drugs that would alleviate the suffering of precious soul. Finally the medicines were purchased. 

  But the most serious is that A. requires that special drugs can only be issued by a physician prescription. We went to look for a doctor, who can give this prescription what would only help this kid. And a doctor at the hospital was not there, because today is a day off in Ukraine! And for the rest of the hospital is only one doctor, who has no right to give the recipe. When we explained the situation that the baby is dying and he can not even survive until the evening... We were told, "Sorry. Wait till Monday..." 

  My hands are shaking, tears flowing by streams. It hurts. And so hard. Why poor baby dying have to wait a few more days? Why he has to wait till Monday? There must be some way out! The orphanage only can call ambulance and he will be brought to the same hospital. We did everything we could... We prayed fervently for precious A. And we asking you all for prayers, please... 

 Today was the worst day of my life... I never seen dying baby... I never feel so helpless... Fear. Shock. It is hurts very much. My heart is broken and I feel overwhelmed. 

 The poor kid is not to guilty for the fact that our poor medicine can not help him or maybe indifference of doctors... He is sweet. He is precious. He is loved by Heavenly Father. And he deserves better life... Please, Church pray for this sweet and precious boy A. He is dying... Only alive God can do a miracle! For His glory and Praise! Everything is in His mighty hands and life of poor baby boy...


  1. so emotionnal.

  2. Prayers, for this precious child and all who love and care about him.

    Susan in Kentucky

  3. Always praying for your ministry and orphans. Special prayers sent up for sweet baby A.~♥Amy

    1. Aww. This is so nice to know someone is praying! Thank you very much, BumbleBeeLane!


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